Things to know before having your Children’s book illustrated

One of the most common problems for a Children’s book designer is receiving a manuscript and illustrations that don’t seem to have any planning for how to make them into an actual book, and, sure enough, there were none on the part of the author or the illustrator. An illustrator should have a full understanding of what the final book will look like and how the illustrations will fit into a page layout.

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Children’s Book Trim Sizes

IngramSpark’s print-on-demand (POD) capabilities give you a wide range of trim sizes, book bindings, paper thickness and color options for producing Children’s books. Their printing process produces sharp, high resolution graphics, crisp text, and quality binding make it virtually impossible to distinguish print-on-demand books from traditional offset copies at a fraction of the cost and no minimum order. Below is a breakdown of their book trim size options and page count requirements.

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Reader Age Groups for Children’s Books

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to Children’s books that should be addressed before going too far into the process. The first things to consider are what reader age group the story is written for and what type of book to produce. So, let’s explore reader age groups, the appropriate types of books, and some of the considerations for writing and marketing to each specific group.

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