Manuscript Preparation

The first and most important part of the publishing process starts with a clean, formatted manuscript in Microsoft Word.

If you only have a paper manuscript in handwriting or from a typewriter, typesetting will be required to transferred or ‘typeset’ the pages into an editable text file. You can read more about the typesetting options on our Typesetting and Formatting page.

If your manuscript is already in a Word document, you are off to a very good start. The next step should be to check your document for formatting problems. Creating indents using tabs or spaces, using multiple paragraph returns to push text to new pages, and inconsistent fonts can cause issues in the editing and layout process. Our formatting services will clean up any problems in your document to start you off on the right foot. We also provide professional editing services with a free evaluation and quote.


Typesetting is a bit of an old-fashioned term for the process used to turn pages of handwritten or typewriter written manuscripts into printable text. In the Good Ole’ days of movable type, ‘typesetting’ was done in lead type that was locked into press galleys. Proofs were called ‘galley proofs’ because it was an actual impression of the type in the galley, ready to print . . . hopefully. You didn’t get to rewrite chapter three in that day and age.

Fortunately, modern computers and softwares have made the typesetting process much easier. Instead of heavy galleys of lead type, typesetting is now weightless. The final document can be transferred digitally in an instant, and believe it or not, the text can be edited with the touch of your fingers.

Manuscript Editing

Professional editing will make sure that your manuscript is well written and does not contain any embarrassing mistakes or faux pas. Finding errors and mistakes after publication can be very costly to correct. A professional editor will also help make sure that your story is easy to read and is enjoyable for the readers. To find out more about our editing services, please visit our Manuscript Editing page.