Book Page Layout Design

Professionally designed page layout for fiction and non fiction books. A book page layout design should reflect the subject of the book and style of your writing. The design and layout of your book will combine choices of fonts, illustrations, and other elements placed on pages using a consistent layout design throughout the book. Make your book look great from cover to cover with a matching cover design and book page layout design.


The final high resolution PDF of the book page layout design will be ready to upload to IngramSpark without error.

Section Pages

Section pages are used to separate different sections of a book or when a book contains more than one book within a novel. These pages will always be on the right-hand page of the open book to delineate that what follows is a new beginning point in the story. A stylized font, or graphic element can be added to compliment to layout.

Chapter Title Pages

Book page layout, chapter title page design samples

Chapter title pages are a break in the story and a chance for the reader to put down the book. The style and layout of your chapter title pages can be designed to draw the reader back into your story line. Chapter titles, drop capital letters, or a font change of the first words or letters of the beginning paragraph can be used to add to the style of these pages. Unique illustrations for each chapter add a certain style and flavor to the book and make it easier for readers to find the place where they left off reading.

Text Page Layout

The book layout includes designing page headers and footers. Include the book title, author name, and chapter title, to name a few options. Text size along with rules or simple design elements can be used to help divide them from the main body of the text.

Choosing fonts

Typesetting for your book includes choosing fonts or type styles, type size, line leading, and hyphenation settings. A well designed page layout includes Type Styles or ‘Fonts‘ carefully chosen based on readability and style. In Addition, a page layout should use no more than 2-3 fonts that compliment each other. These font combinations are usually a serif or sans-serif font for the body text, with a display font for chapter titles.

Chapter Title Display Fonts

Using just the right display font for your chapter titles can add the perfect touch to you page layout. Our resources include thousands of decorative and script fonts to choose from. Let us choose one that will add just the right personal touch to your book layout.

Body Text Fonts

For body text we use only fonts that include all the subsets, such as italics, and bold typefaces. There are many wonderful fonts that fit the bill, so no need to limit your options to Times New Roman. As a result, your book will print without any missing formatting because of missing typefaces.

Type Size

The type size for the book text depends on your target audience. For instance, the type size should be “Large Print” to accommodate sight impaired or elderly readers. However, a larger font size will add pages to the book. But, your book will be more appealing and marketable to your target audience. We can work with you to increase or decrease the font size to reach your target page count.