Starting a Small Publishing Company

Expanding your book marketing and branding possibilities

Starting a small publishing company is a great idea if you are planning to write and self-publish more than one book. Starting a small publishing company gives you opportunities to promote and market multiple books in one place. Using an umbrella publishing company website and promotional materials offers larger marketing possibilities. And, when it works for your books, you can use that branding and expertise to publish books by other authors.

Publishing Company Branding & Logo

Part of the publishing company strategy is to create an image of legitimacy to your publications. Branding starts with a logo or trademark created from your company name that will be used on all the publications and marketing for your publications.

We offer logo, website, and marketing design services to help you create the perfect impression for your publishing company branding.

Marketing and Promotional Materials

A publishing company uses their marketing campaigns to promote their complete line of books. Where a flyer or marketing materials designed to promote a single book are useful, a marketing campaign that includes multiple books is a more efficient marketing strategy. Marketing multiple books will introduce retailers, libraries, book clubs, and readers to more opportunities to buy books they are confident they will enjoy. This marketing strategy will keep them coming back to a brand they trust.

Publishing Company website development

A publishing company website is an important tool in branding and marketing your line of publications. Website features can include a calendar of events, newsletter, blog, social network linking, and many more. The site can also include a shopping cart for selling and managing print book orders. E-books can also be sold with an automatic download link notification to the customer after payment. An easy-to-learn admin panel allows your to add and update website content, manage products, customer orders, and shipping for online orders.

Publishing Company web site development services:

  • Site Planning: Define a site’s strategy and objectives.
  • Design: Create the mood, style and layout of the site.
  • Development: Install CMS (Content Management System) and all necessary plugins to accomplish the site’s strategy and objectives.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO uses a combination of sitemaps, and structured data, and keywords to rank your site on Search Engines. Site Objectives are set to help rank a site according to certain keyword phrases.
  • Testing: Tests for both functionality and objectives.
  • Publishing: Make all site content public and visible to the world wide web. Submit website to search engines.
  • Maintenance: Updating the CMS and plugins, security, and site content, is available on an as needed, or scheduled basis.