Complete Book Cover Design

There are three elements of a cover design for a book: the front cover, the spine and the back cover. They all play an equally important role in enticing the reader to choose the book. The three elements should flow together seamlessly with an overall balance in color and design.

An example of a complete book cover design with a front, back and spine combined into one file. The blue indicates the bleed and folds at the spine.

The complete cover design is also importance because in order to print the book cover and bind it to the pages of your book the three parts of your cover need to be combined into one print ready file. This print file has to have exact measurements to fit around the book depending on how thick it will be. How thick your book will be depends on how many pages in your final book layout, and what paper you choose.

A complete cover placed on a template generated for Ingram Sparks printing specifications.

Ingram Spark/Lightning Source provide tools to calculate the spine width, and create templates for their various book types. All of our complete cover designs will be placed in the cover template with the specific size and spine width for your book size, with full bleeds, and in the correct color profile. The final print files are provided in a PDF that will upload to Ingram Spark without errors.

The Front Cover

The front cover of a book should peak the curiosity of the reader. What does the cover tell them? It needs to tell them more than just the title of the book and the author’s name. The cover should reach out and grab the reader and make them want to read your book. To do this the cover should be attractive, well designed, and most of all, give the reader a glimpse of what’s inside.

A few cover samples from our custom designed, ready to customize covers. Click here to view additional samples.

We offer cover designs using a variety of types of images including photography, graphic elements and custom illustrations. Depending on the type and subject of the book, the target audience and the images available, we will work with you to achieve a design that will appeal to readers and sell your book.

The Book Spine

The spine of the book is an important element of a book’s cover design due to the fact that many books are displayed with only the spine showing. The spine of the book should contain the book title in legible font and large at the bottom of the spine but can also proceed and even appear larger than the title if the author name is highly recognizable and will sell the book quicker then the title.

The Back Cover

This is the area most readers will turn to to find out more. A short synopsis of the story is a way to give the reader a sneak preview. The back cover is also a great place to put reviews or endorsements and, don’t forget your web site address. You will also want to include your bar code.

Cover Design for Books in a Series

Cover Designs for a series of books on travel or world adventure
Book cover designs for a series of poetry books
Cover Designs for a series of poetry or memoir books

For authors who publish a series of books, such as poetry, fantasy novels, romance novels, westerns, educational books, business books, software manuals, or Christian ministry books, we can help you create cover designs that reflect the same style throughout the series. By using similar design elements, complimentary images, and colors that harmonize with each other, your series will take on a style that readers will recognize and appreciate in a collective work.

Hardcover Dust Jacket Design

A sample of a complete dust jacket design

A Dust Jacket is a loose cover that wraps around a cloth bound hardcover book. The five elements of a dust jacket, should work in harmony, each matching the other in style so the cover will create one complete composition. The cover should match the theme or genre of the book, the style should match the author’s style of writing, images should be chosen to intrigue the reader and draw their interest to the story inside the book. The front cover, spine and back cover are the most visible areas of the book cover and should be designed to catch the readers attention quickly. The two additional panels on the inside front and inside back of the book are the perfect spot to add text, photos, or filler that reflects the story and send a personal message of welcome to an individual that has picked up and opened the book. Dust jackets need to be designed to exact dimensions to fit the hardcover book.

Being able to following a printers exact specifications is a professional touch that cannot be overlooked. We work closely to meet Ingram Spark specifications for document dimensions, color mode, color profile, resolution, and printer marks, to produce a file that you can be assured will print correctly. Let us put our expertise to work for you.