Manuscript Editing

Friendly, affordable, professional editing services for all types of fiction and nonfiction books and manuscripts.

The manuscript editing process involves several readings to check your manuscript for the following problem areas:

  • Clarity
  • Sentence structure
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Subject and verb agreement
  • Proper word usage
  • Proper or missing punctuation
  • Story flow and readability
  • Word and subject redundancies
  • Inconsistencies in story line
  • Temporal inconsistencies
  • Dialogue effectiveness
  • Proper narration
  • Goal achievement
  • Entertainment

Complete Writing and Editing Service at very reasonable rates!
We welcome authors and writers of all experience levels!

We will confer with you by phone or e-mail on a regular basis to ensure that your opinion is incorporated into the editing process. Together, we will find the best solutions to help make your story as readable as possible

We will help you satisfy the requirements of the readers and the publishers. No job is too big or too small. Your date requests are honored, and our rates are very reasonable. And because your satisfaction is our main goal, we also welcome your questions at any point in the process.

The Editing Process

A Fair and Honest Evaluation

After an evaluation of your manuscript, we will truthfully, but gently, let you know what level of editing will be required.

As part of the free sample evaluation, we will explain each of the recommended levels of editing, from simple proofreading to more complex editing and how they will effect your manuscript. We will also discuss your expectations and writing style preferences.

Your are always welcome to ask questions. We are friendly professionals who want you to be completely comfortable with the editing process.

Levels of Manuscript Editing

PROOFREADING — Software spell checking is NOT the same as proofreading. A manuscript must be READ carefully to catch errors that spell checking will not catch, such as the obvious wrong words: he instead of the, there instead of their. The list is endless.

These errors can be humorous when found by an editor (“chocolate mouse” for desert, instead of “chocolate mousse”), but an author would be horrified if it actually got printed in their book. Our professional editing services can save your the embarrassment.

COPY EDITING — Paragraph considerations, tempo, and style. Our editing services will help make sure your manuscript maintains your unique writing style while conforming to standard grammatical and editing styles. We will discuss what type of copy editing and your editing style preferences in more detail after we have given you a free manuscript editing evaluation.

STORY EDITING — To help create a better story: character development, logical time considerations, etc.

We can also format your manuscript with borders, page numbers, chapter titles, margins, illustrations, and headings. Or have us design your book page layout and cover for self‑publishing and print on demand.

Just give us a call to discuss the type of editing your manuscript will require and our prices. (You will find our prices to be surprisingly low.)

Editing Suggestions Shown in Color

We use Microsoft Word, a wonderful program that makes it possible for the writer to either accept or reject any suggested edits. If you are not versatile with this software, we will be happy to give you a quick tutorial on the many tools that are included in this program.

We Also Offer

Content development, critique/analysis, fact-checking and research, technical writing, cover design, typesetting, page layout, custom art, illustration, graphic design, web site design, and self-publishing assistance.

Let Us Help You

We can edit your writing: fiction or nonfiction, book manuscripts, query letters, course assignments, articles, dissertations, newsletters, or anything at all, and we can create text for you based upon your specifications. We can also do research for your projects. Regardless of the project, we can turn your writing into a highly polished piece of work.

We understand your wish to get your book into print quickly, and we will have it highly polished. We will work with you to achieve a book that you will be proud of. We will provide the level of service you request, and promptly.

We deal with our clients through e-mail, fax, and a 1-888-284-2654 phone number for your convenience. We will answer your e-mail promptly. We answer our phone during business hours or return your phone call as soon as we return to the office.

For editing, we prefer to work in Microsoft Word and utilize all its wonderful features for reviewing changes. If your manuscript is in another software or file format we can help you convert them.