Typesetting and Formatting

Typesetting options

If your files are not currently in an electronic format, they will need to be typeset. Cover 2 Cover Book Design can work from typewriter and handwritten materials depending on the legibility of the documents provided. We will discuss the various ways this can be done without jeopardizing your original materials and ways to streamline the process.

There are a couple of options in the typesetting process that can be used to turn your manuscript into a modern digital text document. The best typesetting process will be determined the type of printed materials you provide.

  • Printed Manuscripts written on a typewriter and printed to paper can possibly be put through an OCR (Ocular Character Recognition) process. Your documents are digitally scanned and then run through an OCR capable software, which reads and recognizes each character and converts them into editable type. The legibility of the document can be obscured by highly creased paper, faded text, or broken letters. In most instances, a trained OCR technician can overcome these issues and render a legible document ready for editing. No OCR generated document should be considered a final manuscript, simply because the process is not infallible. We recommend that you use our editing services to proofread and edit for mistakes.
  • Handwritten Manuscripts or printed materials that are too degraded in quality for using OCR will need to be transcribed by hand typing the document into the computer and saving it as a Microsoft Word or text document. Handwriting legibility is key to the possibility and cost of hand typesetting a manuscript. If the handwriting that is difficult to read, we recommend that the best person to tackle the personal handwriting would be the author or with the help of a close relative if possible. If you would like typesetting assistance, you are welcome to submit a sample of the handwriting for a quote.

Submit a manuscript for typesetting quote

If you would like a quote for typesetting a manuscript printed or handwritten on paper and information on how to prepare and send documents*, call 1-888-284-2654 or email us at info@cover2coverbookdesign.com. 

*Please note: you should never send, and we do we accept, first hand or 'only copy' documents of any kind. You will need a duplicate manuscript of the best quality possible to provide for the quote.

Manuscript Formatting

If your files are already in an electronic format or text document you are ready for formatting. Formatting is the term used to describe the settings in a text document that control the document fonts, text indents and justification, page breaks, margins, page headers, and other characteristics of your manuscript document. Our formatting services will give your document a more professional look by:

  • Streamlining your document styles used to define the fonts, type sizes, headlines and body text so your document has a consistent look.
  • Define and assign styles that will be used to automatically generate a document table of content with the correct page numbers.
  • Setting margins, headers, footers, footnotes, page numbers and other elements contained on each page to meet publisher submission guidelines or printer specifications.