A book is not just words printed on pages bound between a front and back cover. Books are a complete work that includes thousands of words, imaginative thoughts, ideas, creativity, and years of preparation and anticipation before they make it to the reader. That’s why it is important that the final book reflects a complete work, with a beautiful, creative cover design, and a professionally designed page layout to compliment the cover.

Self-Publishing like a pro

Every writer deserves for their book to be treated like it comes from the best publisher in the industry. Cover 2 Cover Book Design offers over 30 years of experience working with small and large publishing companies to produce complete book projects in a wide range of genres. We know what it takes to create high quality books just like the big time publishers. Does your book deserve anything less?

Our professional services include everything that large publishers and design firms employ a team of executives, project managers, editors and designers to produce. With us you can rest easy because you don’t have to pay a lot more money just to keep all that full-time staff working. We’re here when you need us with with all the expertise you’d expect from a large publisher or book design firm, at a fraction of the cost. You are welcome to contact us by email:; or by toll free phone: 1-888-284-2654 (M-F, 9-5 CST).

Starting a small Publishing Company

If you consider yourself a writer you probably intend to write more than one book. If you are considering self-publishing why not just take the leap and start out as your own publisher in preparation for larger marketing possibilities. Creating a publishing company gives you opportunities to promote and market multiple books in one place using an umbrella publishing company website and promotional materials. And, when it works for your books you can use that branding and expertise to publish books by other authors.

Publishing Company Branding & Logo

Part of the publishing company strategy is to create an image of legitimacy to your publications. Branding starts with a logo or trademark created from your company name that will be used on all the publications and marketing for your publications.

We offer logo, website and marketing design services to help you create the perfect impression for your publishing company branding.