Children’s Book Design – I Am Sam

Design details

This example of a children’s book layout begins with a ring binder journal design. In addition, large single page illustrations highlight each  page of text. Placed withing the story text, smaller illustrations fill space and enhance the story. Most importantly, the font chosen for the story text needs to be easy to read and compliment the design.

You can find I Mean Sam by Sandra Smith by visiting

Children's Book Design for "I Am Sam" by Sandra SmithChildren's Book Design for "I Am Sam" by Sandra Smith



Children's Book Design for "I Am Sam" by Sandra Smith

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Children’s Book Design – Freddy the Christmas Flea

This example of a Children’s Book was a custom design for Freddy the Christmas Flea. This fun filled story and the wonderful illustrations, combined with an easy to read font, created this kid friendly design.

The large 8.5 x 11 inch size was perfect for the flow of the story.

Complete Book Design – Blind Artist

This project was a complete book design book with a full color page layout. This unique and fascinating book written by Gary Haun, is beautifully illustrated with color photos and paintings. The story and photos explain the insightful profess involved in painting, from a very unique perspective, being a Blind Artist. The painting are beautiful works of art that were digitally framed to enhance their unique beauty, and placed in a layout design that present them as painting on a gallery wall. Each painting is accompanied with a text placard that explains the place and memory that inspired each painting. This beautiful perfect bound book was printed at IngramSpark with their Premium color options.