Book Marketing & Promotional Product Design

Promoting your book is very important for boosting sales and growing your readership. Whether bookmarks and postcards or larger scale projects such as posters and banners, all your promotional materials will benefit from a consistent design and message. Promotional materials are a great way to help your book sales and brand your author image at the same time.

A few of the items we can design for your promotional and sales events.

  • Bookmarks
  • Post Cards
  • Table Tents
  • Posters and Flyers
  • Signs and banners


Bookmarks are an inexpensive way to give people information about your book, a website to look for more information, and most important, where to buy your book.

Samples of a folded bookmark that also works as a small table tent and a conventional flat bookmark. Both contain all the important information where readers can find more information and where to purchase your book.


Postcards have a variety of uses and work especially well for invites to book signings or book promotional events.

Front of a post card custom designed using the cover of the book
Post card for a book signing

Table Tents

Keep some table tents handy to set out on the tables at book promotions, events, and book signings.

Samples of a table tent

Posters and Banners

For some events, you may need a little larger presence. Posters and banners will attract attention to your table or booth at a book show or convention. The design should be attractive, easy to read, and instantly recognizable as part of your author branding image.

A sample of a poster designed for a new release promotion.