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Typesetting and Formatting

If your files are not currently in an electronic format it will need to be typeset. Cover 2 Cover can work from typewriter copy, handwritten materials, copies or printed manuscripts. We will discuss the various ways this can be done without jeopardizing your original materials and ways to streamline the process.
OCR (Ocular Character Recognition) is a process where your documents are scanned and then run through an OCR capable software, which reads the characters and convert them into an editable Microsoft Word document. This process may work if your manuscript is provided as a typewritten, clean, clear copies. There are some problems with this method and we recommend that you use our editing services to proofread and edit for mistakes.
Handwritten materials or copies that are degraded in quality will need to be transcribed by hand-typing the document into the computer and saving it as a Microsoft Word or text document. The documents legibility is key to this process.
If your files are already in an electronic format or text document you are ready for formatting. Our formatting services will give your document a more professional look by:
Streamlining your document using styles to define the fonts, type sizes, headlines and body text to give your document a consistent look.
Creating styles that will be used to generate a documents table of content and indexing.
Setting margins, headers, footers, footnotes, page numbers and other elements contained on each page to meet publisher submission guidelines or printer specifications.

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