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Cover 2 Cover Book Design offers editing, typesetting, illustration, book and cover design, and many other services to help you publish your book. Ask about our package deal. Whether it's a collection of recipes, a story for children, your cherished poems, or your first novel, we have the expertise to help turn it into a professional publication.

We offer our services to all writers and authors, no matter what level of experience or record of previous publication.

If you are thinking of self-publishing your book and marketing your book on your own, let us see to the extras that it takes to present a polished and finished product to the public.

All types of books and publications

Cookbooks Christian and Religious Books
Children's Books

Do-it-yourself and Self-help Books
Story Books and Novels Educational, Software and Training Manuals
Poetry books Historical Books and Photograph Albums
Biographies and Memoirs Arts and Crafts Instruction Books
Inspiration Books Financial and Business Books
Romance and Fantasy Novels Magazines, Newsletters and Periodicals
Western Novels Coffee Table Books and any other type of book...

Cover 2 Cover offers each of our services separately
or as a complete package with discounts for multiple services.
We can help you through every step of the publishing process
with friendly, professional service.


Our services include:

Book Cover Design

Cookbook Cover
Full color cover incorporating
creative typography and a photo
Graphic designs for covers start with good typography, sometimes combined with photos and/or custom illustrations.
Covers designed to get the attention of your target audience (i.e. plant & flower photos for a gardening book).
Creation of printer ready file.

To see cover design samples click here

More information on typesetting and layout design



Creative and technical illustrations.

Black and white -
pen and ink, pencil, photos, etc.
Full color - watercolor, colored pencil, photo collage, etc.

Children's Book Illustration and Design

  Hand drawn, computer colored, full color cover illustration,
black & white, pen/ink/pencil inside illustrations,
typesetting and layout, cover design.
More information on typesetting and layout design

Typesetting & Formatting

If your files are not currently in an electronic format it will need to be typeset. Cover 2 Cover can work from typewriter copy, handwritten materials, copies or printed manuscripts. We will discuss the various ways this can be done without jeopardizing your original materials and ways to streamline the process.
If your files are already in an electronic format or text document you are ready for formatting. Our formatting services will give your document a more professional look.
More information on typesetting and layout design

Page Layout

If you will be sending your book or document to a printer, you will need a PDF that meets your printers postscript specifications. Word is not meant to be used to produce this level of sophistication. We use professional page layout programs to create a high resolution document that will have the correct font and image information for your printer. Our page layout services include:

Choosing the appropriate typestyle and size, column width, indents, paragraph spacing and chapter titles that will compliment your book and meet the needs of your target audience (i.e. large print for the elderly).

Easy to follow, aesthetically pleasing formats.
Determining the finished size of your book, number of pages and placement of text and illustrations.
Creating a file that is ready for the printer to produce a completed book with no additional work or cost..
Self-help Book
Silver embossed cover, typesetting and layout including technical drawings.
More information on typesetting and layout design

Editing Services

Fiction and Nonfiction

We can edit your writing: fiction or nonfiction, book manuscripts, query letters, course assignments, articles, dissertations, newsletters, or anything at all, and we can create text for you based upon your specifications. We can also do research for your projects. Regardless of the project, we can turn your writing into a highly polished piece of work.

No job is too big or too small; our rates are very reasonable, and your date requests are honored. Because your satisfaction is our main goal, we also welcome your questions at any point in the process. Just give us a call to discuss the type of editing your manuscript will require and our prices. (You will find our prices to be surprisingly low.)

More information on typesetting and layout design

Web Site Design - Sell your books online.

A web site is excellent way to promote and even sell your book. A web site helps inform readers of special events like book signings or personal appearances. Fans can find out about your recent books and publications, send fan mail and provide valuable feedback. We will work with you to make your web site a creative, unique and personalized place that promotes you and your work. And, we make it is very affordable.
  This project included a Web Site and
24 hand drawn pen & pencil illustrations for a
book with a computer colored cover

More information on typesetting and layout design

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